The Future of Health and Wellness

The Future of Health and Wellness

As we evolve our understanding of consciousness, health, and wellness, it becomes more and more apparent that the foundation upon which modern practices of medicine and scientific inquiry are supported, is incomplete and misleading at best.

The science of Bio-acoustics shows us that the more holistic method of viewing the body is through the lens of frequency and vibration. This is in harmony with Nicola Tesla’s statement, “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Modern medical procedures already include numerous high-tech machines that rely entirely on frequencies to function. Examples include: Ultrasound, MRI, X-rays, EEG and EKG machines, to name a few.

Bio-acoustic science is not only revealing hidden secrets of human biochemical interaction, but research shows that sound can have an affect on the body that is not explainable through conventional medicine, or pharmaceuticals.

No longer can we accurately say that the body is a biochemical machine. In fact, Bio-acoustic science demonstrates time and time again that the body works synergistically, holographically, and in concert with thoughts and emotions to create an internal environment that is responsive and holistic, as opposed to independent and compartmentalized.

Likewise, Bio-acoustics demonstrates that even the genetic encoding of an individual is malleable and responsive not only to the internal state (emotional, physiological, biochemical) but also the environment we find ourselves in (electro-magnetic, chemical, and vibrational) and genetic expression may be altered using frequency. The body we know as physical and chemical, is communicating internally with itself, and with the outer world, on a frequency level which is the foundation for the physical manifestations we subsequently experience.

If everything manifests first as a vibration, doesn’t it make sense to investigate the body on that level first, in order to understand the source from which the physical is manifesting?

There is a mathematical basis for everything that takes place within the body. The mathematics of frequency—“cymatics”—reveals that biochemical pathways are in fact numerical.


• The frequencies representing calcium and magnesium, when combined, produce the frequency for bone matrix protein. Calcium and magnesium are required for healthy bones.

• The body produces hyaluronic acid using the amino acid proline and Vitamin A. When one combines these two frequency equivalents the result is the frequency equivalent of hyaluronic acid.

• Uric acid (gout associated) and glucose are common factors for diabetics. Uric acid and glucose have a common relationship: A Xanthine oxidase inhibitor that is often prescribed for gout. Xanthine is involved in free radical production associated with diabetes.

• Snoring is associated with diabetes and heart disease. The muscles that are involved in snoring have direct frequency associations with insulin and the biochemistry of the heart.

• Etiocobalamin (a form of B12) and the vertical muscle of the tongue are not the same frequency  but are nearly always found together within the charts of persons who have been diagnosed with Lou Gerhig’s disease both singly and in combination with Lyme Disease. In both cases the control of the tongue muscles are usually involved and etiocobalamin seems to be a significant support for muscle strength and integrity.

• Anthrax pathogenic infiltration and the common cold have very similar Frequency relationships. They also have very similar initiating symptoms.

• Sexual response, or the lack thereof, can be traced mathematically to the pathway that is causing the reaction. Bio-acoustic pilot studies have shown that libido can be increased by identifying and controlling sexual hormone response by the use of frequency presentations.

• Bio-acoustics has shown a strong relationship between the measles vaccine and peripheral neuropathy (numbness in the hand and feet); autism and hepatitis; autism and zonulin; pertussis and bioflavonoids; Vitamin A and autism; and polio with the SV40 vaccine and immune disorders.

Human Bio-acoustics has provided a foundation substantiating that the Mathematical Matrix of Frequency Equivalents representing the structure, genetic make-up and biochemistry of the body.

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