New Algorithms Analyze Personality, Health, and Wellbeing

New Algorithms Analyze Personality, Health, and Wellbeing

Does your voice tell the world about your health and personality? Studies show that it does.

As reported on, the voice has a hidden architecture with an intrinsic signature, much like a fingerprint. This complex waveform contains a vast amount of information about each individual.

While some algorithms are capable of analyzing the voice for certain qualities, KIJINI goes much deeper into the hidden aspects of personality and health that are encoded in the voice.

The actual vocal frequencies all have meaning, correlating with aspects of the body and nervous system on multiple levels.

Environment, diet, and other people, all affect us on a moment-by-moment basis. The body maintains balance amidst a constantly changing sea of energy inputs.

These changes are all recorded in the voice. And yet, there is a consistency that can be seen, which reveals your “voiceprint™” — those aspects of the architecture of your voice which are revealing of the underlying characteristics of “you” as an individual.

KIJINI uses not only unique algorithms to identify these frequencies and their importance, but also proprietary databases identifying the bioacoustic equivalents for nutrients, hormones, neurotransmitter activity, and even genetic characteristics contained in the voice.

“Vocal spectrum analysis is a much deeper process than most people comprehend, says Matthew Sanderson, COO of KIJINI. “In today’s world, it is not what you say, or even how you say it, that matters. Anytime you speak, your voice reveals all of the elements of your body, mind, and personality.”

Over two decades of scientific study has gone into the databases and programs used to produce in-depth reports on every aspect of health and wellbeing. Vocal biomarkers can identify the frequency equivalents related to many disorders, degenerative, and even life-threatening conditions before they manifest physically. Personality analysis, Compatibility, and lie detecting are also an integral part of KIJINI’s repertoire.

The importance of vibration will soon be revealed as KIJINI unveils its analytical capabilities this summer.

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