• Frequency Determines Physiology

    Physiology, Energy, Metabolism, Weight control. The quantum holographic world is revealed through this phenomenal 25 year old, proven technology in a clinical setting.

  • What Your Voice Reveals

    Personality profiler with over 90% accuracy. Compatibility, Teambuilding, Personal growth. Deep insights into Strengths, Challenges, and Inner Focus.

  • Holographic Voice Analysis

    An approximate 30 second voice analysis reveals profound information about your Personality, Nutrient Levels, Muscular and Skeletal condition, Toxins, and more!

Revolutionary Technology

Holographic Voice Analysis

KIJINI is a series of Apps that analyze the voice and give an instant report on your Optimal Potential, based on vocal coherence, and the frequency equivalents of hundreds of nutrients and biochemicals, muscles and vertebra.

A vast series of software applications have been developed through the technology being used in a clinical setting for over 25 years. This technology reveals, with incredible accuracy, the inner world of frequencies that determine the function, vitality, energy, health, and longevity of the body. Everything in existence emits a vibrational signature. KIJINI decodes this signature through information embedded in the human voice.

Holographic Voice Technology

How it Works


Talk to the KIJINI App

Talk to the KIJINI App and provide a brief voice sample


Kijini analyzes your voice

The Kijini technology will begin analyzing the hidden information in your voice which provides information of many things happening in your body.


Kijini displays your frequency equivalents

The Kijini technology provides a simple to read and accurate analysis of the particular needs to be looked at.

Here’s what others are saying


Mysterious health issue solved!

I had been dealing with an ongoing health issue for almost a year and could not find out what it was. I did the Kijini analysis and something that I had not considered showed me I had an ongoing infection that turned out to be correct. This was discovered after numerous medical tests that did not discover it. What I was immediately surprised and impressed about was that I had just been taking a supplement that cannot be purchased in stores and is not very well known. The Kijini test showed the supplement was in me and I was stunned. Most people have never even heard of this product and there it was, showing as being prominent in my body. Wow. This technology is amazing.

Mark H. -- Executive

Accurate Nutrients!

It is still hard to believe that Kijini was able to read my voice and show me the deficiencies in my minerals and vitamins. It is so confirming to me. I am blown away by the accuracy of this technology.

Kelsey R -- Athlete, Trainer

Great for fitness and general health

I had no idea so much information was contained in my voice. That is truly amazing. I can confirm that what Kijini says about my body is very accurate. Even the specific muscles it found to be stressed are in the same areas that I have the most pain.

Joey P. -- Personal Fitness Coach